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  • Staging Your Home to Sell

    Top 6 Reasons to Stage Your Home

    Bring out the best in your home!  Your home might be beautiful. Maybe it is immaculate, or highly upgraded with the finest materials and features. Perhaps it is all of these things. But, unless you are one in a thousand, it is not “staged.”

    Many home sellers confuse staging with decorating and consequently resist the process and the recommendations. But the reality is that the moment you commit to marketing your home for sale, you need to commit to transforming your home into a place that potential buyers can easily picture as their home. This means that you need to be prepared to emotionally detach.

    Each piece acquired over time has a special meaning, but to your buyer, it is a collection of your things which serves only to draw their attention away from the main event. Likewise the personal photos, the too-tall centerpiece, the overstuffed china cabinet -- these are all treasures to be sure, but they serve only to sidetrack a buyer from the task at hand.
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    Bright and Clean. Your home must sparkle! Make sure the blinds should remain 2/3 open to allow natural light to fill the
    room. Make sure windows are clean inside and out too

    Eliminate Clutter. The "50% Rule" requires that you eliminate the clutter in your home by at least half. This may be the hardest rule of all! We love our clutter - it reflects our memories, hobbies, and values. But most buyers do not have an imagination – The more stuff they see, the less they can envision themselves in the home. Add only unique items to shelving, bookcases and fireplace mantles.  Clutter may suggest your home does not have enough storage or space.
    Neutralize. Neutral colors sell. It's a fact. Try to convey an image of quality and neutrality. Potential buyers walking through your home want to imagine themselves as the owners.

    De-personalize. Remove objects that your potential buyers won't be able to identify with. Buying a home is an emotional decision, and you want potential buyers to make an emotional connection with your home by being able to "see" themselves in it.

    Curb appeal. They say you can only make one "first impression," and people usually form their first impression within 30 seconds. What potential buyers see when they drive up to your house will be their first impression. This is a good place to spend a little extra time and money. Plant flowers, trim bushes, weed, pick up leaves, repaint your front door, replace tarnished house numbers or a dented mailbox, and get a brand-new neutral doormat.

    The entrance. The first glimpse inside your home should give potential buyers positive, uplifting feelings. Make your entryway as light and bright as possible. Leave all the lights in the house on

    Kitchen. Kitchens sell homes, so the importance of making your kitchen appealing can’t be underestimated. Clean and declutter! Anything taking up space on counters, floors or the refrigerator must go.

    Bathrooms. Again, clean and de-clutter! You absolutely must get rid of any mildew/mold. Pick up all bath mats/rugs. Keep your all glass and soap dishes pristine. Only high-quality, neutral, fluffy towels should be displayed.

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    Making the difference.
    The primary goal of staging is not to transform your home into the eighth wonder of the world. For most of us, this simply isn’t realistic. Rather, the largest changes come from working with what you have, rearranging and reallocating all of your belongings, in order to present the property in its best light. Sometimes this means reallocating some of those belongings to the garage.
    Make no mistake -- staging can be a bit inconvenient. Your daily routine will be turned, at least temporarily, on its head. And it can be unsettling as you watch your life rearranged to suit the tastes of others. 

    But if selling your home in the shortest amount of time and for the most money is your goal, it is precisely those "others” who should be your focus.

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    The goal of staging is to make the home speak to everyone else, in a compelling and positive way.

    Buyers tend to label the homes they see, as do agents. So, you can either be the “house with the beautiful arched doorways” or the “house with the Elvis throw rug and a bunch of office furniture where the dining room should be.” Both evoke emotional reactions, but unless the buyer is one who spends his annual vacations at Graceland, you will be far better served by eliminating distractions.

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    Some tips courtesy of HGTV "Sellers: The Benefits of Staging Your Home"

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