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  • Pre-Listing Home Inspection

    Advantages of getting a Home Inspection Before Putting it on the Market

    Many sellers might not realize that they have the option to get a pre-listing home inspection - a home inspection that they pay for themselves before ever putting their house on the market.

    In general, the home buyer adds the completion of a successful home inspection as a contingency to an offer on a home. Once buyers conduct the inspection, they have the power to negotiate with the seller regarding who pays for any necessary repairs, and they even have the power to walk away from the deal altogether. 

    When sellers have a pre-listing home inspection, they can get ahead of issues a buyer might find in the home and reduce the likelihood a deal will fall through!

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    Reduce the stress of selling your home.
    By getting an inspection before listing, you can help eliminate a lot of stress surrounding the sale. It is normal to worry that your home may have some hidden problems that you are not aware of. With an inspection, you will know if any such problems exist and have the opportunity to address them. You are also able to work on your own schedule with a pre-listing inspection as well. There is not a rush to get it done in just a couple weeks prior to closing. The home inspection will also be one less reason why your sale could possibly fall through.

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    It helps the seller and agent more accurately price the home.
    Sellers who do not wish to fix the issues revealed during a pre-listing inspection can factor the repair costs into the asking price of the home and explain to buyers that while the home has certain issues, they will be getting it for a lower price as a result. Conversely, sellers who do decide to make repairs or who come up with a clean home inspection can ask buyers for more money. 

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    It ensures a smoother, more efficient transaction.
    When issues are discovered during a pre-listing inspection, the seller can either have them fixed ahead of putting the home on the market or choose to disclose the issues to potential buyers. Either choice will make the home sell faster because it will prevent the buyer and seller from becoming entangled in long negotiations after the buyer has an inspection. Because the issues have been disclosed ahead of time, the buyer will not be surprised by anything and will be less likely to walk away or demand a lower price for the home.

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    It saves the seller money.
    When issues are discovered during a buyer-initiated home inspection, the buyer and seller will enter into negotiations to determine who will cover the costs of repairs. In general, buyers tend to significantly overestimate the costs of these repairs, and the seller loses far more money than he or she would have paid to have completed the repairs before listing the home. By discovering the issues and taking care of them upfront, you can chose the contractor of your choice or what repairs you can make on your own, and at your own pace.

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    Help improve buyer confidence.
    For most people, buying a home is the most money they will ever spend on a single item, so it is normal for them to retain a healthy amount of suspicion when considering a home purchase. A buyer will need to calculate what he or she can afford for the purchase price, as well as how much money will be required to live in the home and keep it in good repair in the future. If the buyer has any thoughts that the home might have hidden problems, the offer he or she makes will reflect that. A pre-listing home inspection can help eliminate much of the doubt about the home. Knowing that the home has already been examined and that there are no problems allows the buyer to make a confident offer.

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    Speed up the sale process + Avoid the need for renegotiation.
    A buyer that knows you have already had the home inspected is going to feel a lot more comfortable making an offer. No one wants to buy a house that has a bunch of hidden issues. With the inspection in hand, you can demonstrate that the home is in great shape and worth the price you have set. And if there are issues, you can be upfront about them and make it clear that the reasonable price of the home reflects the knowledge of those issues. One of the top home selling tips that real estate agents often recommend to their clients is to make sure repairs are made to major items in the home. By addressing all the issues you can market your home to a buyer as being problem free to the best of your knowledge.

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