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    Monday, January 18, 2021   /   by Kelly Houston

    Helpful Work / Real Estate Online Tools

    How to Save Your Email as a PDF to Your Computer (One Click!) | cloudHQ Blog
    We live in a digital world lately, especially for many jobs that have had to convert their work systems to online. Part of that is always ensuring your files and emails are backed up, so you do not lose important documents, contracts and communication. We as realtors are required to save our documents, and our emails, for at least 3 years! CloudHQ has been extremely helpful in accomplishing this with ease!
    Staying organized is important to help keep our clients on track to meet deadlines and be able to reference what has been done or sent. To help with sorting and saving our emails, we always create a folder in Gmail for each property or client that we work with. Then any important emails that we receive or send, are then sorted into each email folder for easy future reference. 
    I was searching for an easier, cost efficient way to be able to save and back up our work emails, once we have completed a project or file. Since we utilize Gmail, I found this neat APP from the Google Suite tools, that allows us to now save a group of emails as a PDF! You should check out CloudHQ for this and many other similar tools to help sort, save and back up your files. 
    When closing out a file, we can now select and save all of our important emails into one PDF file, which we save in our computer's document files as a back up. It is also helpful for those that want to clear up limited email space, once you are finished with a file or project!

    Check it out today, to save time, effort and money. We are busy exploring all the additional online / Gmail apps they offer and how we can utilize CloudHQ to streamline our business to be quicker, simpler and more efficient! We are so happy we found them so we can better serve our clients and stay organized!